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What is a Good 50/50 Custody Schedule?

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Upon divorce, parents will likely share custody of their kids. A good 50/50 custody schedule gives children an opportunity to spend equal time with each parent. Varying 50/50 scheduling options exist, and parents may elect to stick with one or alternate when unexpected circumstances arise.

The varying types of child custody that courts award can be confusing. As a refresher, remember that physical custody means the child will live with a designated parent and follow a specified parenting schedule. A parent with legal custody makes decisions about the child’s upbringing.

What to Know About 50/50 CustodyParent Meeting with Attorneys About Child Custody

In joint physical or shared custody arrangements, both parents must agree on a schedule that works for the family. A 50/50 custody schedule is the most common. This type of arrangement allows the children to develop strong relationships with both parents. However, commitment to the schedule is necessary.

Before exploring the numerous variations of 50/50 custody schedules, it is important to factor in physical distance. For instance, divorcees may live in different states or towns; or they may live down the block. Living a further distance away may pose as an issue for multiple weekly exchanges.

What Affects 50/50 Custody Schedules

Amicability between co-parents is also key. If the parents are unable to communicate without conflict, choose a 50/50 custody schedule that requires minimal communication. Be aware, too, that traffic jams and late meetings can disrupt custody schedules. Parents must civilly relay this information.

When considering which of the various options make an ideal 50/50 custody arrangement, take into account both parents’ work schedules. A hectic work schedule may impede timely exchanges between co-parents. Additionally, consider the children’s extracurricular activity schedules when discussing 50/50 custody arrangements.

The children’s ages also play large roles when evaluating 50/50 custody schedules. Older children are better able to handle not seeing one parent for an extended period of time. Younger children, however, will have difficulty with long intervals between visits to see the other parent.

Every 50/50 custody schedule has its pros and cons. While one arrangement may work, unanticipated life events may disrupt existing scheduling. Co-parents who are evaluating the various 50/50 custody schedules are advised to examine current, repeating schedules as a starting point.

  1. 1. Alternating WeeksChild-Support-Berry-K-Tucker-&-Associates-Ltd.

The simplest 50/50 custody schedule alternates each week spent with a parent. Mom may have the children one week, and Dad has the children the following week. While straightforward, a setup featuring alternating weeks has its own advantages and disadvantages.

A 50/50 schedule that alternates weeks is ideal for co-parents who require minimal communication. Older children, too, can better handle a week without seeing one parent. However, young children may have trouble not seeing a parent for an extended length of time.

  1. 2. Alternating Weeks with One Midweek Overnight

Parents may wish to see their children without having to wait an entire week. In such cases, incorporating one overnight during the week is beneficial for everyone. Sunday through Wednesday is spent with Mom, Thursday with Dad, and the rest of the week with Mom. Next week’s schedule is reversed.

Adding an overnight stay midweek will not work for co-parents who live a good distance apart. Neither will it be suitable for young children who will be unable to fully settle in during the single overnight that occurs during the middle of the week.

  1. 3. Alternating 2-2-3

Involved parents who would like more frequent contact with their young children may be inclined to choose an alternating 2-2-3 schedule, in which two days are spent with Mom, two with Dad and three with Mom. In the following week, the opposite schedule is enforced.

The complications of an alternating 2-2-3 arrangement occur when the parents and children lead busy lifestyles filled with work meetings and school activities. A co-parent may not know how his schedule will look like on any given Monday, which presents a problem for this 50/50 custody schedule.

  1. 4. Alternating 3-3-4-4

A solution to the inconsistencies of the above schedule is the alternating 3-3-4-4 arrangement. Parents and children enjoy greater stability, as the schedule for each day of the week is firmly set. Mom will always have the children Sunday through Tuesday, and Dad Wednesday through Saturday.

Such a schedule gives parents greater contact with their children on a regular basis. Being a straightforward and simplified arrangement, parents know when to expect time with their children and can better accommodate future events or plans that fall on a co-parent’s date.

A good 50/50 custody schedule will vary among families. Based on the children’s ages and distance between households, what works for one family may be less than ideal for another. No matter what 50/50 custody schedule is ultimately chosen, the kids should feel at home with both parents.

Create a children’s bedroom in both homes. Recreate the children’s space so that what is most important to them may be found in both locations. The last things parents want is to force their children to drag belongings back and forth between homes. Children should feel they have two homes.

Work with a Child Custody AttorneyFamily-Attorneys-Oak-Lawn-IL

As the kids grow older, allow them to voice their preferences in regard to scheduling. Formal documentation of the agreed-upon 50/50 custody schedule is also beneficial. To that end, Berry K. Tucker & Associates, Ltd. is available to meet your and your co-parent’s objectives.

The child custody and divorce lawyers at Berry K Tucker & Associates, Ltd. are highly experienced in handling a wide range of child custody situations. We heavily research, prepare and promptly present cases so parents are able to reach a fair resolution quickly and return to their daily lives.

Our team of child custody lawyers skillfully advocate for the rights of mothers and fathers. Whether you have been granted joint or sole parental responsibility, our attorneys are well-versed in all aspects of child custody laws and will represent you in the most favorable light.

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