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Legal matters can often become complicated to handle. In order to provide a solution that is most favorable for you, consider consulting with an experienced lawyer to fight by your side for your rights. At Berry K. Tucker & Associates, Ltd., we are committed in working with you until the end, no matter the complexity of the issue.

Divorce Law

The experience of a divorce is simply not easy to handle. But the lawyers at our firm are professionals in assisting those facing hardship. We are committed to helping you throughout all aspects of the process.

Family Law

As the conditions of family law are considerably sensitive, you will need the help of an experienced lawyer to handle the legal side of it. Whether you are struggling with divorce, child custody cases, or spousal support, we are here to help.


Not many individuals actually plan to file for bankruptcy, let alone know what will happen in the future. At Berry K. Tucker & Associates, Ltd. we will put you on the right path to a debt-free future. We are experienced in arguing against lawsuits, foreclosures, repossessions, and more.

Business Law

As there are numerous legal matters that are involved in the business world, they can become complex and difficult to handle. Our law firm has years of experience in handling business law cases, including: employment/labor laws, contract litigation, business development, and more.

Estate Planning/Wills and Trust

Have you planned ahead for the financial health and well being of your family? Simply submitting your will and trusts in writing will not be enough for them to be followed; there are legal matters involved. Contact us today and we will ensure they are communicated and followed accordingly.

Real Estate

While it is not legally required to have an attorney oversee the real estate transactions, it is highly recommended that your interests are protected. As we all oversee all aspects of the purchasing process, our real estate attorneys will ensure your real estate matters will be handled professionally.

Personal Injury

Whether you are filing a lawsuit or requesting social security disability, our personal injury lawyers will fight for a recovery that works in your best interest. As we work with the required documentation while consulting with the medical professionals, we are committed to getting all legal matters resolved.

Elder Law

When it comes to elder law, our attorneys are highly experienced in fighting for your rights. As there are can also be tough decisions to make, we will work with you throughout the process to ensure that a solution is provided in your favor.

Medical Malpractice

If you have suffered through a medical error, the medical provider must be held accountable. Our medical malpractice attorney will work with you in attaining the compensation you deserve as a result of their mistake.

Berry K. Tucker & Associates, Ltd. is an experienced law firm that is dedicated in fighting for your best interest. If you live in southwest Chicago or the southwest Chicago suburb area, call us at (708)425-9530 to see how we can provide you with professional legal services.


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