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Over 50 years of combined legal experience

After years of working with various clients with diverse backgrounds, our family attorneys are proud to have closed many cases that resulted in their favor. Check out what our past clients have to say about Berry K. Tucker & Associates, Ltd.!

“In appreciation for all your help. Thank you Cheri, Betty, & Maureen.”Reviews-Berry-K.-Tucker-&-Associates-Ltd.

“Berry Tucker has been my attorney for four closings. In 2004, he closed a house I was selling. The buyer was a real estate attorney and it was NOT an easy closing but Berry did a great job!”

“This year I bought a new house. Two weeks before the closing, we found out that there was a large mechanics lien on the house. The transaction became a total nightmare! I was so overwhelmed I almost walked away from my dream house. Mr. Tucker “held my hand” through the whole thing and accomplished a feat I thought was impossible!”

“I can’t thank Berry enough for his patience, knowledge of the law, and his strategic leadership in helping the mortgage lender and seller’s attorney come together to get my house closed. I am very grateful for his calm and steady support and reasonable costs.”

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