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How a Missing Police Report Affects Your Car Accident Claim

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A police report is not always needed in a car crash claim especially when the accident was minor and there were no injuries. But a car accident claim could get complicated if the claimant does not have a police report. In this article, this issue is discussed in detail to help readers if they are facing this issue.

Why Is It Important to File a Police Report?Car Accident

The first thing a victim should do after a car crash is calling 911 so that police can immediately reach the scene, review the situation, check the health of people involved in the accident, issue a traffic citation, and if necessary call the other first responders like paramedical staff, fire department, more police officers, etc.

When police officers arrive on the accident scene they initiate an investigation to find out the cause of the accident and who is liable for that. Other information that usually police gathers in their report include:

  • Witness statements
  • Information of driver and passengers of all parties
  • Diagram of the accident scene
  • Description of property damage or injury
  • Condition of road and weather when the accident happened

When Missing Police Report Complicate The Case?

The burden of providing proof falls on the victim in the car wreck claim. Moreover, insurance companies deny the claim that victims made and say that these injuries were not linked to the crash. They might be proved right if you fail to file a police report.

Thus, this police report is the official record of the collision and helps to link the injuries to the accident. With this report, it will be easier to establish who was at the fault.

Is It Possible to File A Claim Without a Police Report?Client-Talking-to-Attorney-in-Office

Even without a police report, you can still file the claim. As discussed earlier, it becomes necessary when the insurance company requires it, and if there is no report you might be prohibited from filing the claim.

Still, it is better to file a claim if there is no such requirement of the insurance policy. Another step that can help in proving the claim is collecting evidence at the accident scene such as:

  • Car accident scene photos
  • Statements of the third-party witnesses
  • Dashboard, traffic, or surveillance camera video footage

Learn How Attorneys Will Help You

Your car crash case may become complicated if the police report is missing. Also, collecting the related evidence stuff like the traffic camera video might be difficult without any personal injury lawyer’s help. If you have queries in your mind regarding the legal process of the car crash, consider consulting an experienced attorney.

Long Beach Accident Lawyers have a proven track of dealing with such cases on a regular basis. Call them today and discuss your case in detail with their lawyer. They can assist you if you filed a police report or not.

You do not need to pay an upfront fee and just focus on getting the compensation you deserve. That is why most collision claimants consider hiring a lawyer to represent them during the entire legal process.

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