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10 Common Mistakes Made by Personal Injury Claimants

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Personal injury cases are rarely straightforward and claiming compensation from the at-fault party is never easy. More than 50% claimants are victims of auto accidents injuries that are normally covered by vehicle insurers; yet, the claim process can be complicated under certain circumstances. The majority of personal injury victims are in a financially compromised and emotionally vulnerable state, which is why fulfilling legal obligations becomes a burden. Lack of familiarity with how personal injury law and insurance works leads them to make these common mistakes:

1. Vague Assessment of Injuries

Before filing a claim, it is necessary to recognize the extent of injuries and evaluate the fiscal value of the case. Many personal injury victims have no idea of the total estimated cost of their damages. You may not consider ongoing charges or possible expenditure in case long term medical treatment is required. Insurance adjusters take maximum advantage of claimants’ obliviousness.

2. Unrealistic Expectations or FearsWhat-to-Do-After-Personal-Injury-at-Work-Talk-with-Doctor

Some victims expect to be paid as soon as the claim is filed with the insurance company; just because your claim is valid does not mean that you immediately receive compensation. Some claimants get anxious about the case going to trial and the imposing legal expenses of court procedures. In the real world, less than 5% personal injury cases go to trial. There is no need to worry unless you faked injuries, or your claim is worth six figures or more.

3. Skipping Medical Treatment

If you don’t consult a certified doctor for your injuries, you may not have a case. Even if your injuries seem minor at the time of the accident, you must seek medical attention at all costs. Strictly follow up with treatment and never miss an appointment with the doctor. The medical reports and testimony issued by the practitioner are crucial to your claim.

4. Overlooking Medical Records

Filing a claim without using medical records is a ridiculous, yet common mistake. The defendant’s insurer may respond to a claim immediately by making an offer. However, you must be patient and wait for your medical reports to come in; without them, it would be impossible to estimate the true worth of your case.

5. Failure to Retain Evidence/Important Information

Some claimants exercise negligence by losing receipts and other tangible evidence that are integral to their claim. Make sure to keep track and secure all relevant information and documentation that supports your case.

6. Settling without Negotiation

No matter how appealing the insurer’s initial deal looks, do not fall for the bait. Once you agree to a proposition, there is no turning back. Take your time to think and push for a better offer.

7. Not Hiring a Lawyer

Dealing with the defendant and their insurance adjuster on your own is never a good idea. They will try to trick you into accepting a scanty offer or even attempt to deny your claim. Hire a Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer to fight for you and win the compensation you deserve.

8. Inadequate Attorney Shopping

All attorneys and law firms are not the same. You must conduct ample research before choosing a lawyer to represent your case. Many people skip attorney shopping and go with the unwarranted firm recommended by their insurance company.

9. Hesitating to Ask Questions

If you have any concerns about your case, ask away. Oftentimes, the questions that seem stupid lead to the most promising answers. Asking questions encourages elaborate discussions, which helps the personal injury lawyer and their client understand the case better.

10. Not discussing the psychological impact of injuries

When you talk about the accident and injuries with your lawyer, leave nothing out. You must reveal the physical and mental impact of the incident, even if the details sound embarrassing. The more your personal injury attorney knows, the greater leverage you get on the case.

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