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When it comes to the future of you, your children, and your assets, matters between you and the other party can quickly become stressful and complicated. Whether you are filing for divorce or seeking sole custody of your child, there are many legal documents that must be signed and processes to undergo. When this occurs, it is always best to speak with an experienced family law attorney to guide you to make the best legal decisions.

The attorneys at Berry K. Tucker & Associates, Ltd. in the Worth, IL area have years of experience in handling numerous family law cases in which an effective solution was established that worked in the client’s best interest. This is because we will create a partnership with you to discuss your needs and best interest as well as that of your child (if involved).

We are able to assist in all of the following areas: property division, child support and custody, pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements, domestic violence, spousal support, and divorce. In order to provide the most convenience for you and relieve stress, we focus on a number of areas to allow you to work with one trusted attorney. Finally, we will advocate and fight for you in court in order to achieve a solution that is most favorable for you and your child.

Berry K. Tucker & Associates, Ltd. is also experienced in the following practice areas in the Worth, IL area:

If you need family law services and reside in the Worth, IL area, contact one of our family attorneys at Berry K. Tucker & Associates, Ltd. at (708)425-9530.


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