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What Questions Should I Ask When Hiring a Family Attorney?

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Family lawyers are essential when serious family disputes arise. As professionals who specialize in family law, family attorneys can help resolve conflicts between family members. Choosing a compatible family lawyer to proficiently tackle legal matters, however, requires first asking the right questions.

When is a family attorney needed?Young Man Speaking with Attorney

Family law is also considered matrimonial law. So, when individuals are preparing to enter a marital union, a family lawyer should be consulted. The lawyer will offer advice about legal responsibilities and rights. Creating a prenuptial agreement is also handled by a family lawyer.

Civil unions and domestic partnerships also require the expertise of a family lawyer. When a marriage goes sour, a family lawyer will negotiate a divorce settlement. Legal issues that must be addressed include property division, spousal support and child custody agreements.

When child custody arrangements must be made, a family attorney will fight for a parent’s legal rights. Divorce alone does not trigger child custody battles. Allegations of child abuse or neglect can prompt relatives to take away a child; in such cases, a family attorney will be expedient.

Adoption processes, especially those in which the child’s guardian rejects a parent based on legal grounds, may require a family lawyer. A family attorney is also helpful when individuals draft estate plans and wills. The lawyer will ensure the documents are legally valid.

Considering that the US has 1.3 million lawyers, families must sort through an overwhelming number of professionals. Family disputes are emotionally taxing. Hiring the wrong family attorney will only aggravate an already stressful situation. Asking these questions will secure a competent professional.

1. What is your legal experience?

Complicated legal affairs require the expertise of veteran family attorneys. However, when the family issue is simple, a recent law school graduate who is invested in the case is likely to suffice. In either case, the lawyer should demonstrate up-to-date knowledge of the law.

2. Have you handled similar cases?

A family lawyer may have represented hundreds of cases. Those seeking legal representation, however, would be wise to ask if the potential lawyer has experience with cases similar to theirs, especially those that went to trial. Knowing the lawyer’s track record of success is helpful in reaching a hiring decision.

3. In what area of family law do you specialize?

As is evident by the aforementioned reasons to seek a family lawyer, these professionals specialize in various areas. When a child custody matter is at hand, it is prudent to avoid seeking the services of a family lawyer whose experience is primarily handling legal issues involving estate planning.

4. How much do your services cost?

Legal fees can add up, especially when hiring a child custody lawyer. Third-party experts, the complexity of the case and the lawyer’s experience heavily influence rates. Specific legal issues may require an upfront retainer fee. Ask about a payment plan or billing cycles if the rates are affordable.

5. What is your method of communication?

Clients can expect a faster response when they know the family lawyer’s preferred method of contact. Updates on the progress of the case are critical, so ask the potential lawyer how often he or she will communicate. It is important to be comfortable with the means of communication.

6. How do you approach cases?

Each lawyer injects his or her personality into the case. Some family attorneys are aggressive go-getters; others are methodical and calm in their approach. Since clients spend time with the lawyer in court, during consultations and in mediations, it is advised to avoid personality conflicts.

7. Do you collaborate on cases?

Some clients feel more at ease when providing their own input about a case. When a potential family law attorney prefers to proceed based on his or her own perspective, a clash can result. Learn early on whether or not the lawyer is willing to collaborate and goals are mutual.

8. What is the probable outcome of the case?

Hiring a family lawyer who is able to produce favorable outcomes is always the goal. However, it is also important that the attorney is honest about how a case is likely to turn out. During the initial consultation, ask the professional what are the realistic chances for a desirable result.

9. What problems do you predict with the case?

It is expected that every case will be ridden with hang-ups. An ethical family attorney will be forthright about the possible roadblocks ahead. A client has reasons to be skeptical when the potential lawyer offers everything the client wants or paints a picture that is too good to be true.

Choosing The Right Attorney

Family matters deserve empathy, and a promising family attorney will care about the wellbeing of his or her clients. At the same time, clients require law professionals who are experts in their field. When you seek both empathy and competence, choose Berry K Tucker & Associates for your legal needs.

Our firm of qualified family law attorneys are skilled in representing diverse cases. Our range of family law expertise includes all matters of divorce, including litigation and mediation, child custody and visitation, spousal support, property division, domestic violence and pre- and post-nuptial agreements.

The divorce attorneys at Berry K Tucker & Associates give each client their undivided attention. Understanding the unique needs of each client helps us prepare the strongest case. We are also skilled in drafting agreements that work in favor of our clients’ needs.

When you opt for our free consultation, you will have the opportunity to ask us all of the abovementioned questions. Our clients highly value the dedication our lawyers demonstrate when handling their cases. You can expect the same commitment to your family law issue.

Families living in Oak Lawn or Chicago, Illinois, are encouraged to consult Berry K Tucker & Associates for sound legal counsel and qualified representation for issues involving family law. Rest assured that our family law attorneys will provide you with expert legal representation. Call to schedule a consultation.

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